Finally, it’s done! Blah blah blah, basically here is a SLIGHTLY ’realistic’ skin for you - slightly in the manner that it’s full of pores and the lips are dry and…yeah that’s about it.

Available for T-A…maybe elder. Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s for teens or not - it’s been so long since I made it, haha. I made it for personal use, so I dunno if I bothered - if I didn’t, let me know and I’ll fix that.

Skin parts taken from Ephemera, Navetsea, Alan Wake game, aaand…oh, Mouseyblue, likely.

Oh! I used custom ramps for these too:

(ignore the dumb names, again - made these for personal use, haha)

Pinkie - best for pale Sims, doesn’t go SUPER dark. Pink undertones.

Milk & Cookies - kind of darker. Brown based, still looks good pale.

Honey - starts out tan (the darkest Sim has it at the lightest value).

Party Favour - a mixed bag full of colours, some nice and some admittedly not so, haha.

Default version has the EA ramps.If anyone wants these but not the default, I’ll see about putting up a normal version.

Manly parts included, free of charge!

I’ll also be uploading an Asian version in due time, hopefully this week.

Standard TOS applies.


If there are ANY issues with these, let me know! I’ve just been using them for personal use/it’s four in the morning, so I likely fudged up something stupid ;_; Otherwise, enjoy!

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